d_luxe jewelry designers Karie Higgins and Megan Oliver have combined their ideas and created a fabulous jewelry collection for 2011 titled Costumes & Crystal Armour. The two young jewelry designers have found their interest towards jewelry while studying Interior Architecture in Wellington, New Zealand. With their knowledge and interest towards architecture (implicitly design) the switch to jewelry design was a small step.

Their success was almost immediate so no wonder more and more people are showing a high interest towards their jewelry designs. Theses accessories are indispensable when it comes to a woman’s wardrobe so explore and discover your style when it comes to jewelry designs as well.

The ring designs created by d_luxe for the Costumes & Crystal Armour 2011 jewelry collection vary from simple but unique to sophisticated glam designs which can attract attention towards your hands instantly. Some of the most interesting designs were inspired by natures creatures and the all so popular Minnie cartoon character so don’t be surprised by the antler ring and Minnie ears ring and pendant. These designs are uber-stylish and fun, so they can pose as a perfect option to boost the style of any casual style outfit.

Gorgeous mineral stone rings such as quartz, topaz and amethyst bring a touch of glamor to the designs, designs which are perfect match to casual as well as more formal outfits. Whether simple or oversized, the rings all look amazingly stylish and there is surely a design which works for you.

The necklaces and bracelets created look absolutely amazing and they are perfect for different occasions. Each occasion and outfit requires certain matching styles so you can select from designs which have a more laid back yet stylish look or a more simple and elegance. Choose the liberty spikes jewelry design for casual occasions and go for the pearl bracelet if you’re dressing up for a more formal event.

Adapt the jewelry to suit your style and preference, go simple or bold, but always be confident and comfortable in your skin if you want to radiate style!

Photos courtesy of d-luxe.co.nz