Along time a variety of cool body art types have been developed in order to underline people’s individuality or to make certain statements. Tribes have been using different body art types to mark different important events in their lives. Nowadays body art is a form of marking certain events which have marked one’s life or acts as a beauty enhancement.

Body art has always raised controversies as certain types are considered quite barbaric due to the methods used. We are all different thus some people might consider body art great while others would definitely disagree. Well whether you like it or not, there are some body arts which actually manage to stand out, so here are some cool body art ideas for you to inspire yourself from:

TattoosTattoos go way back in history as tribes used them to decorate their body. Ancient tattoos had a meaning attached this is why they have lasted this long.

Nowadays tattoos can be chosen by everyone and the tattoo designs don’t necessarily have to have a meaning. Tattoos can be permanent or temporary depending on personal preference. The tattoo designs have managed to evolve and look fabulous. 3D tattoos are now available and look fabulous and quite realistic, making tattoos more and more popular. The new colorful tattoo inks allow people to receive beautifully colored tattoos which attract attention. From small simple tattoos to gorgeous oversized designs, all well done tattoos look great.

tattoo tattoo

Scarring Scarring is a very controversial body art type due to the method used to create the design. There is a variety of methods through which this type of body art can be created depending on personal preference. The result however is basically the same, a scar design is permanently created on the skin. The scar can be created through different procedures such as branding, cutting, chemical scarification, dremel scarification, injections, skin removal, tattoo gun and ash rubbing.

None of these methods seem gentle, this is why most people get goose bumps at the sight of this type of body art. Even though controversial, scarring is actually increasing in popularity.

scrring desing scarrification

Body PiercingBody piercing is an ancient body art which has captured the attention through the variety of body jewelery decorating the body. Body jewelry is meant to enhance natural beauty and style. The jewelery can be placed almost on any part of the body depending on personal preference. Some of the most popular piercings are the tongue piercing, lip piercing, Monroe piercing, brow piercing, navel piercing and some of the most interesting ones are corset piercings, hip piercings, bridge piercings, etc.

navel piercing lip piercing

Choose the body art type that suits your style best and be unique with your design so you can look great. Turn to a professional to get the best result as they are well trained in performing these procedures which can pose a risk of infection if done improperly or if not taken care of as indicated.