It seems that Hello Kitty has conquered the heart of luxury brand Chouette, as the label has created a lovely Chouette Hello Kitty limited edition watch collection that will be super difficult to resist. Chic and with deluxe written all over, the new watch collection created under the Chouette label features both classic and contemporary elements for a youthful, up-to-date look, perfect for everyday wear.

A new year, a new surprise for Hello Kitty lovers as Chouette has created two lovely leopard print Hello Kitty watches which have sparkly crystals incorporated for a super luxurious style that will surely not go by unnoticed. The two piece collection features two leopard print colors one lighter and one more intensely colored, placed on a silver respectively on a gold case, so you can adapt the fierce looking watches to your style and wardrobe.

Bring out your inner wild side without losing your glamor with your favorite Choulette Hello Kitty design as there are only 150 pieces out of each color. The Hello Kitty pattern which exposes a leopard print and crystal mix is surrounded at the exterior by two circling rows of tiny crystals that give you that extra bling that captures attention. A matching leopard leather strap follows the luxurious pattern of the design while accentuating the fun and fierce style of the collection. Because diversity is the buzzword in 2012, the Chouette Hello Kitty watches come with an extra red color leather strap which you can use whenever you desire a change. Beautifully packed in a black and fuchsia bow gift box, the new watches which retail for approximately $375 will quickly become your favorite accessories.

The watches also feature the following characteristics that will ensure the durability of your watch, details such as: 47mm IPS plated alloy case, Swarovski elements bezel, stainless steel, water resistance up to 3 atmospheres.

Photos courtesy of Chouette Facebook