By combining such urban elements like tattoos with the classical Chanel couture, the famous brand moved fashion forward into the future. Why wear jewelry if you can instead enjoy all the advantages of a cool and fashionable temporary tattoo signed Chanel?

The tattoo collection, called “Les Trompe L’Oeil de CHANEL Temporary Skin Art”, includes decorative motifs like laces, chains, little birds, Chanel’s famous double C logo, or religious-inspired beads.

Chanel Temporary Tattoo Designs

What better way to wear Chanel than on your own skin? With very affordable prices, at only $75, Chanel has come with new idea of decorating our bodies while still being properly accessorized. It adds to the delicate feminine designs an edgy perspective, which, due to this huge contrast, will make everyone feel like a true star.

The whole Chanel collection for spring 2010, featuring the classic, stylish Chanel bags, suits or dresses, was remarkably enhanced by these new Chanel Tattoos

The new must-haves of the spring season, temporary tattoos are definitely a great alternative to simple, old-fashioned accessories. Who needs a necklace if one can wear a beautiful tattoo for a couple of days, then changing it with another, and so on? For only $75, we now can purchase a set of 55 Chanel temporary tattoos which will state one thing about us: we’re all cool and hip!