The sun is up, the weather is warm and all you need to do is make sure you look fabulous. Accessories are definitely the details that will make a difference this summer season, so make sure you choose to play with the hottest accessories of the season. Sunglasses are the must-have accessories that should not miss from anyone’s style essentials. Chanel is one of the most renowned fashion and accessories labels in the industry and the new boutique exclusive sunglasses from the collection 2012 aim to bring out your inner diva.

The eyewear campaign for the label features none other than bombshell supermodel Linda Evanghelista and her impeccable style matches perfectly the style of the new sunnies featured in the collection. Because variety is on everyone’s mind this season when it comes to fashion and style and because different face shapes and styles require different eyewear shapes and colors, Chanel opted to unveil 8 super trendy designs made to impress. High-end sunnies are all about durability and style, thus the new designs feature acetate frames that are more resistant to shock than plain plastic frames.

The buys you need to consider are now cat-eye shaped sunglasses, round shaped sunglasses as well as square framed sunnies, so choose the shape that suits your needs best. To spice up the designs stylish shades as blue, turquoise, soft pink, nude as well as timeless black dominate the fashion scene. Apart from the subtle Chanel logo, a few designs display stylish studs and fabulous tiny pearls that make the designs a magnet for attention. Fashion and style at its finest can be observed throughout the entire collection, so browse through the new season sunnies and pick your best match!

Photos courtesy of Chanel