Winter holidays have a special allure that is fairly hard to match any other time. Winter tales are a particular dear memory for many of us and it seems that even as adults, we still like to preserve some of the special vibes the period carries. Cartier has decided to play up the season’s irresistible charm with a luxurious campaign series titled “Winter Tales”.

Any jewelry lover and Cartier fan would be completely seduced by the multitude of luxurious offerings but when wild cats are brought into the mix, things get incredibly appealing and the aww-meter gets all worked up. No one can dispute the incredibly adorable factor that makes the new campaign memorable and makes us indulge in season appropriate fantasies. Whether you are a shopper who loves to indulge in luxurious jewelry pieces or one that simply appreciates the high end allure of such pieces, it’s virtually impossible not to be charmed by the newest ad campaign.

Elegance and simplicity or recognizable new patterns that are sure to be remembered are the style directions encouraged by the luxury label in the new ads. Jewelry is surely a great gift for the holiday, so if you’re still brainstorming on Christmas gift ideas, looking for a variety of options in your price range early on is a great strategy for ensuring success.

Photo courtesy of Cartier