This spring/summer season accessories such as sunglasses are a definite must not only due to their style boosting properties, but also to their eye protection benefits, so make sure this season you don’t leave your home without your favourite pair of shades. Every season new trends evolve and new sunglasses styles are brought to the fashion scene by eyewear developers and this season one of the brands that caught our eye is Capitol Eyewear, a California-based brand which aims to bring exceptional eyewear designs with a bit of a unique twist. The label manufactures cool wooden sunglasses that are bond to steal the spotlight while offering you a boost of style and proper eye protection against the sun’s bright light.

The new season has placed a heavy accent on vintage as well as retro sunglasses and the label brings to the fashion scene exactly the styles that have caused a stir worldwide with their fabulousness. Because the sunglasses are made out of a handmade wooden frame, the result is spectacular and eye catching, so browse through the brand’s fab wood sunglasses collection and pick your new season favorites.

Capital Eyewear | Handmade Wood Sunglasses

Handmade frames are unique as no two products are exactly the same, so if you love having one-of-a-kind things, you’re going to love these shades. To manufacture the frames Capital uses only American Hardwoods from the states and doesn’t use wood from rainforests or endangered sources, to ensure that the quality of their designs doesn’t interfere with the quality of the environment.

The brand doesn’t make just a random pair of sunnies but strives to create artistic, functional sunglasses that underline uniqueness and that establish ‘an honest connection between you and the people who made them’. The details that make the sunglasses a fab option apart from the design are the durability of the frames provided by the moisture seal which helps bond natural fibers within the wood to ensure a stronger frame that will not be affected by changes in moisture, and the Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision lenses, which provide a crystal-clear view. Optionally, you can have all of the lenses polarized, so you can combine style with the eye protection level you need to stay comfortable. Most of the brand’s sunglasses are unisex but you can also find designs that are hand-crafted specifically for men or women, so browse through the collection and find the shades that are all about you!

Capital Eyewear | Handmade Wood Sunglasses Capital Eyewear | Handmade Wood Sunglasses

Photos courtesy of Capital Eyewear