We are definitely in love with the new Calzedonia spring/summer 2011 collection! So girly and sweet, yet extremely feminine and sexy, this is one line that screams romanticism starting with those ankle adorable socks and continuing with graceful, sexy sheer stockings with adjustable garters. The collection also includes leggings which are, in fact, the key pieces of the spring line.

White, ecru, almond, tobacco, nutmeg, dusty rose and cruise navy are some of the colors that evoke the natural vibe of the collection, while incredible, flirty floral prints strongly revive our childhood memories. On the other hand, all those lace insertions, sheerness and embroideries bring a seductive, retro feel.

Colorful tights can give you a youthful appearance through unexpected combinations of shades and patterns. Moreover, they can really make a fashion statement especially when choosing refreshing hues or bold, energetic prints. The Calzedonia collection for the warm season comes with beautiful, stylish tights in a wide range of colors and dazzling floral prints.

Besides these gorgeous tights, the collection also brings an array of captivating stockings and over the knee socks, which represent a great way to look chic and feminine during summer. Cute details, such as ribbons and frills, give a certain girlishness and uniqueness to the stockings in this line. The Calzedonia stockings are both pretty and comfortable due to the fabrics used. Even though stockings are quite overlooked nowadays and mostly considered as being appropriate for little girls, they are, in fact, sophisticated items that can be more than seductive and should be a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. That is why you should take a closer look at the ultra sexy sheer stockings with adjustable garters from the Calzedonia spring/summer 2011 line.

Socks of all kinds and colors work great when paired with skirts for the spring months. In the latest Calzedonia collection you can find them in many colors, styles and prints, with amazing, delightful embellishments. Despite their simple and naive touch, short socks can be very feminine. After all, the fashion world has already established that wearing ankle socks with comfy ballerina flats or with a pair of high-heeled shoes or sandals is no longer a faux pas.

The already more than famous leggings, which only came into the fashion spotlight a few seasons ago, are the stars in the Calzedonia collection for spring/summer 2011, coming in various colors and perfectly imitating denim and leather. Since denim is one eternal fabric that keeps reinventing itself season after season, our attention is brought towards jeans with traditional blue and black overtones in numerous styles, from plain to printed or embellished with leather, suede and lace trim. In addition, comfortable white leggings seem to be the best option for casual spring or summer days.

Photos courtesy of Calzedonia