Accessories are one the simplest ways to spice up an outfit. Opting for functional accessories is always a good idea particularly if you are eager to embrace some of the latest fashion trends without breaking the bank. Functional and highly practical the handbags presented in the Botkier lookbook are very versatile having a series of interesting details that makes them stand out.

Having a strong utilitarian vibe attached to them, most handbags are classy and spacious. If we take into account the fact that most handbag have warm neutral shades or neutral colors such as white the functional vibe becomes even more apparent as mixing and matching becomes less of a hassle. Even though soft, light colors are considered to be more appropriate to tone down an outfit rather than emphasizing it, the looks illustrated manage to prove that neutral shades can emphasize well chosen outfit just as well as bold colors do.

Bolder alternatives are also available for those who are interested in making a powerful fashion statement. Animal prints are a big trend this season yet opting for an outfit with an all over animal print can be be tricky for many people. On the other hand, using a bold accessory to add a touch of edginess to an outfit is a much less risky decision. Those who prefer texture to colorful prints will also be delighted by the oversized croc clutch that exudes sophistication and refinement.

Analyzing the details that make the handbags presented so visually appealing, we are able to spot various beautiful additions that are skillfully placed to create various focal points. Tassels, buckles, zippers and even prints are used to add a touch of uniqueness to the handbags. Balanced and discreet, these details are perfectly combined to add interest without focusing on a main element in particular.

Even though minimalistic touches are undoubtedly present throughout the collection, the accessories presented are anything but simplistic having a classy allure that makes it appealing to women of all ages.

Balanced, modern and sophisticated the handbags are absolutely stunning. Browse through the great variety of style presented to find the pieces that most resonate with your personality. Opt for functionality and versatility when choosing your accessories and keeping up with the latest trends will become a lot easier and more affordable.

Photo courtesy of Botkier