Body piercing refers to the puncturing of some of the human body parts which creates an opening in which a jewelry can be placed.

There are many kinds of piercings depending on what body part you want to get pierced. From tongue, nose, lip or brow piercings, to ear, navel piercings, nipple piercings, genital piercings and other.

The most popular pierced body parts are ears, nose and belly. To get your body pierced you need to go to a professional, to specialized piercing salons.

The body piercing process is followed by these steps:

– the area that is to be pierced is cleaned using solutions that kill bacteria and germs. – the area is pierced with a sharp sterilized needle. Make sure the needle is sealed and sterilized and that you see when it is opened. – the body jewelry needs to be sterilized before placed in. – the needle needs to be disposed in a special container. – the pierced area is cleaned.

Make sure the person performing your body piercing gives you instructions regarding body care and jewelry treatment, so you won’t develop infections.

If you decide to get your body pierced remember that you may need your parent’s consent if you are under 18, make sure you are up to date with your immunization and know if you are allergic to any metals.

Use body piercing jewelry that is made of the following metals: surgical steel, gold, platinum, titanium or niobium.

After body piercing you might experience some pain, swelling in the pierced area or in case of tongue piercing excessive saliva.

Keep in mind that there are health risks involved. You can get infections, skin allergies, scarring or inflammation.