A beautiful brooch can transform your look and even add a vintage vibe. From cameos to bejeweled brooches, it’s easy to go overboard with these beautiful pieces of jewelry, so don’t ignore these simple rules that can help you discover the best ways to wear a brooch.

Find out where to place your brooches, along with other useful tips on how to wear a brooch on delicate clothing or how to transform it into a stunning hair accessory, the only and  best brooch tips you need.

Where to Pin Your Brooch

Placement is the most important element when it comes to the best ways to wear a brooch. Most garments don’t work with a brooch places on the collar, but the ones that do, like buttoned shirts or cool blouses can have a big impact on your look. When you’re not attaching a brooch to a collar, the only other way to center it is at the nape of your neck, over the straps of a cut out dress for a truly sophisticated look. For other items of clothing, brooches work best on the side, either the left of the right of the garment.

Brooches On Lapels

Best Ways to Wear a Brooch on Outerwear

Lapels are the ideal place to wear brooches, but it’s important to always keep the look proportional. Small lapels are only suited to smaller brooches, while bigger ones can acommodate a more dramatic piece of jewelry. You can also use a brooch as a delicate detail on a belted trench coat. Remember, the brooch can replace the buckle and looks best on the side, it should never be worn alongside a buckle.

Best Ways to Wear a Brooch on Tops

Off-center is also the key to a good look for a brooch on a top. While you can center it on a buttoned up blouse, smaller brooches work best on the side on a turtleneck, at the base of the collar. You can also wear brooches on sweaters, above the patent line, or on asymmetrical cardigans. Don’t center the brooch on cardigans, since that turns them into belt buckles for an invisible belt.

You can also wear a few brooches together on a top, but only in a well defined cluster and only if you’re sure that they go together well. One of the best ways to wear a brooch is to pin it on the side of your waistline on a simple dress, but never on fitted clothing, where the pin could scratch or pierce your skin.

Ways To Wear Brooches

How to Wear a Brooch on Delicate Clothing

One of the reasons most women avoid wearing brooches is the impact they can have on delicate, especially vintage, clothing. You can easily fix this problem and enjoy the best ways to wear a brooch with a few simple tools: epoxy glue, acetone, 2-4 small magnets and a bobby pin.

Star by removing the pin on the brooch and cleaning the surface with acetone or rubbing alcohol. Clean one or two magnets as well before attaching them to the back of the brooch with the epoxy glue. Using a hot glue gun may seem like a better idea, but it can reverse the polarisation of magnets, rendering them useless for this trick.

After glueing one or two magnets at the back of the brooch, depending on the size and weight, you should let the glue dry. Smaller brooches can be fixed on your clothing by placing the other magnet in the correct position under the fabric. For bigger brooches, use two magnets glued to a bobby pin (after they’ve been properly cleaned).

Follow these simple instructions and you’ll be able to try the best ways to wear a brooch without leaving needle holes in your delicate clothing.

Wearing Brooch In Hair

How to Wear a Brooch in Your Hair

Brooches can be easily transformed into gorgeous hair accessories. Depending on the brooch you love, it can be either the best bridal accessory or a beautiful piece of jewelry that adds charm even to even your more casual looks.

It’s easy to wear a brooch in your hair as long as you have a silicon glue gun and a basic hair accessory you can glue it on. Looks for the right hair clip or even a plain barrette to decorate, depending on the style of your brooch.

Don’t remove the pin off your brooch. Even if you think you’ll never pin it on clothing again, it’s a safer bet too keep it on. The pin can also add some distance between the hair accessory and the front part of the broach, so you can hide the hair clip more easily under your hair, leaving only your beautiful brooch on display.

One of the best ways to wear a brooch in your hair is to use it to bring a more sophisticated feel to an updo, but you can simply stick to your preferred hairstyle and add the brooch as a great piece of jewelry.

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