Your body type is very important for your choice of underwear, not just clothes. Knowing what bra styles work best for you can help you achieve the most flattering silhouette. Pay attention to your proportions and learn how to choose the right bra based on both your general body shape and the shape of your breasts.

Whether you’re busty or not so much, check out the best bras for your body type. Once you try on the right styles of bras, you’ll definitely see the difference and you won’t go back to your old preference.

Bras for the Rectangle Body Type

When you’ve got a less curvy shape, contoured padding is the right way to go. Boosting bras are the right option. You should avoid all types of minimizer bras and be very careful when you’re choosing sports bras. Balconette style bras with a touch of padding are among the most flattering options, especially if you want to show some cleavage.

Bras for the Pear Body Type

For a bottom heavy frame, it’s always a good idea to draw attention to the bustline, and the easiest way to do that is with a push-up bra. Padded bras are also very flattering for most pear shaped women. Once you’re settled on the perfect cup size, don’t ignore the support. If you have narrow shoulders, go for tapered straps to keep everything in place.

How To Choose Bras For Body Types

Bras for the Hourglass Body Type

With the most envied body type, you have your choice of bras, depending only on the size of your bust. Most hourglass shaped women are also busty, so balconette bras are a good fit. Plunge bras can also be very flattering. If you have a very generous bust, you could opt for a minimiser bra, but you can rock full-cup and half-cup just as easily.

Bras for the Apple Body Type

Because the right way to choose flattering look is to draw the eye upwards, the best bras for your body type can help you out. If you have a smaller bust, push-up bras are a must, while plunge and balconette bras can also create a flattering effect. A bigger bust should stick to a full cup bra. Most apple shaped women should stay away from triangle bras. Strapless bras are also a bad idea since they don’t provide enough support for a flattering look.

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Bras for Narrow Shoulders

Finding the perfect bra for narrow shoulders can be tricky, no matter what your general proportions are. Racerback bras are a good fit for your shape, and bras with convertible straps are another good choice. Look for bras created especially for petite women if you have narrow shoulders, and don’t forget about tapered straps that stay put.

Bras for Broad Shoulders

If you’ve got broad shoulders, whether or not your consider your body type an inverted triangle, you should opt for half-cup bras. The best bras for your body type are racerback bras. In order to make sure that your bra straps aren’t visible, you can try either T-back bras or Y-back bras.

Bras For Different Body Types

Bras for Close Set Breasts

When your issue is the opposite, and you’ve got close set breasts, then you should absolutely go for molded cup bras. Look for the right width when it comes to the center gore so you can get the most flattering effect. Obviously, you should stay away from most types of push-up bras, since they usually bring the breasts even closer together.

Bras for Wide Set Breasts

Side-boning is very important for the best bras for your body type, especially if you have a big bust. If you’re not a fan, you could also opt for bras with slings. Look for spaced-out cups and side wings that offer the support you need. Plunge bras are a good option if you’re not very busty.

Bras for Full Bottom Breasts

If your breasts are much fuller at the bottom and shallower at the top, push-up bras are a very flattering option. Half-cup bras are the other main option, while full-cup bras won’t help you achieve the best effect.

Bras for Shallow Breasts

When choosing the best bras for your body type, you might need an exception for really shallow breasts, no matter what your shape is. Full coverage bras and seamed cups are the right choices, while a 3-part cup can create a more flattering effect.