As the new season comes with darker and darker tones, the need for livening things up greatly increases. A little sparkle to enhance sophistication and create strong focal points is more than recommended which is why taking a peek at the season’s hottest offerings is definitely necessary. With more than 30 years of experience and countless sophisticated and utterly refined pieces sold, the Ben Amun brand definitely sets the tone glamour wise and the fall 2012 collection is certainly a vivid demonstration of elegance and refinement.

Colorful, complex and undoubtedly lust-worthy, the pieces can definitely transform plain outfits into outstanding ones. The trademark of the brand has been ‘working with fine, unusual materials such as lucite, pewter, glass and crystal to create unique, innovative and inspirational designs’ to make outstanding pieces that meet the high standards of the wearable art status. The concept is translated into luxurious alternatives that range from statement necklaces to delightful earrings or fabulous brooches.

High profile, attention grabbing offerings might capture interest at first, given its highly conspicuous nature, but less refined options which can prove a lot more versatile shouldn’t be neglected either. Although the color palette is more restricted, the statement vibe is still definitely present. The white-gold combo is being preferred but the traditional black and white combo is also featured as an alternative for those who are concerned more with adding classy touches to their outfits.

The new style alternatives are certainly creative and spectacular being the perfect low effort way to add the ‘wow’ factor to your new season looks. Tailor your choices to match your personality and you’ll definitely have no trouble standing out in style with these fabulous alternatives from the renowned high-end brand. Put a little more effort into highlighting your best touches and you’ll have no problem standing out and receiving a myriad of compliments in the process.

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