Aurelie Biedermann is not an unfamiliar name for those who are versed with the activity and the collections of laureate creative designers in the world of jewelries. The art history specialist French designer early in 2003 decided to think big and launch her own line that would flood all the high class stores from all over the world. Without a doubt Auerlie is not far from completing her objectives and is eager to re-invent herself with brand new designs over and over again.

Paris and London are only some of the cities targeted and provided with her latest collections which contributed to a fame boost in her career. Her series of trips around the world resulted in a versatile and majestic source of inspiration she uses during the creative projects.

Celebrities as well as jewelry junkies pay their tribute to the fabulous works of Aurelie Bidermann by popularizing the voguish earrings and bracelets as well as other jewelry designs on the special events and also in casual. Join their party if you wish to enrich your jewelry box with some of the most impressive and breathtaking pieces of the Aurelie Bidermann spring 2011 collection.

Gold is one of the favorite and most frequently used materials by Aurelie Bidermann. Therefore those who are fond of this classy and overwhelming metal will be more than pleased to enter the fabulous realm behind this world-wide-known brand and try on all the fabulous necklaces with natural motifs as the wheat pendant as well as the fabulous nude silhouette and mask.

All these jewelry pieces are perfect to complement both your Rock chic outfits as promoted by some of the greatest fans of the young designer as Kate Moss and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and also you can appeal to similar accessories when building up your red carpet-worth formal look.

These braided designs are also perfect to top your casual chic outfits and embrace a more alternative clothing style trend. Choose some of the most faddish pieces of the complete SS 2011 collection and make sure you embed it into a spotless look. Indeed influenced by the renaissance and popularity of the Bohemian fashion, Aurelie Bidermann decided to appeal to the various and sight-pampering shades as light blue and green to create these versatile bracelets complemented with the signature paperclip fastening as well as tiny skulls and studs.Opt for these stylish jewelry designs to explore the many sides of similar almost all casual chic outfit appropriate accessories.

Snake rings as well as the chic personalized and cool lip earrings all fuel the strong and pro designer reputation of Aurelie Bidermann who is eager to break the monotony and come up with brand new ideas that would inspire her unique creations. Thanks to the universal and all age-appropriate quality of the complete collection, these pieces will be able to find their prominent place in the jewelry box of people with different needs and preferences. You’ll find extra-glamorous golden jewelry designs whereas those who are inclined to sport a more alternative look will also have the opportunity to go wear the braided and less glittery glam accessories.

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