With more than 10 years of experience in creating fascinating jewelry, Aurelie Bidermann’s first love were the stones, and she loved them so much that she specialized in gemology. Stones and different cultures made today’s Aurelie Bidermann to become one major name in the accessories industry, her name being mostly associated with gorgeous jewelry pieces.

With boutiques opened in the major fashionable cities in the world, including Miami, Paris, London and New York, Bidermann’s creations can’t be equaled, and her clientele can’t be more excited about it. Sharon Stone, Kate Moss, Lou Dillon are just a few examples of her regular clients.

Like many other designers, Aurelie Bidermann separated her creation into three different main collections, to give them a unique identity and to maintain each piece’s original inspiration and context. She named her collections Arty Classique, Merveilles (Wonders), and Indienne Arty.

The Classique collection includes almost childish jewelry items, happy colors and with funny figures, like guitars, elephant, frogs, bees, birds, little stars and trees.

The childlike pendants in this collection are a living proof that fashion can always have fun and play with grown up concepts, yet translating them artistically into a full creative dialogue.

Aurelie Bidermann also knows exactly how to complement a woman when wearing her designs. You just have to think about the beautiful goose feather necklace, available for £1,365/$2,000 crafted from an exquisite 18k gold. The French designer beautifully combines the sumptuous and precious gold with a self-tie fastening at back and with seven goose feathers.

This necklace is really something, right? And since we’re talking about 18k gold, why not pair the gold pleated feather earring signed Aurelie Bidermann with a simple yet chic little black dress?

They are handmade, they also feature the goose feathers and they certainly look like a must-have piece of jewelry.