Creating a luxurious vibe, making your outfits look stellar or bringing sophistication into your life and boosting your mood are just some of the benefits selecting a statement jewelry piece can provide immediately and it’s easy to understand why some women see jewelry as one of their best friends. Simple, classic jewelry designs might be uber versatile but when a special touch is desired, going for something complex is a much better option. The Eric Daman collection for Atelier Swarovski provides a myriad of sophisticated options to choose from.

The latest collaboration between the renown stylist and the brand has an interesting source of inspiration: “I was very inspired by the mosaic and ceramic stones in Swarovski’s newest collection. They felt so modern and a very fresh take on the crystals we are so used to seeing. Swarovski is such a pioneer and so iconic that I really wanted to represent the brand as such with my designs. Fusing the new technology with an ancient native influence seemed like the perfect combination. The rich turquoise and opals of their new stones combined with the brilliance of deep Indian reds and yellows punctuated by Aurora Borealis crystals really brought the designs to life and stay true to my original native meets modern inspiration”, he stated.

Fabulous rings, statement bracelets and cuffs, classy earrings or necklaces are some of the most fabulous offerings for the warm days soon to come. The blend of the old with the new translates into breathtaking color selection and awe-inspiring combos, amazing craftsmanship and a complete fascination with elaborate, one-of-a-kind designs that cannot go unnoticed. American Indian esthetics inspiration highlights the grand diversity of style variations two very different concepts can successfully provide.

Golden and silver tones have always been associated with high status and refinement, so the focus on solely these tones for an elegant touch prove to be the perfect choice. From statement pieces with complex patterns to simpler, more discreet ones, finding alluring pieces is made easy in this collection for the spring/summer season. Select high impact pieces for creating fabulous outfits without making major changes to your new season wardrobe.

Photo courtesy of Atelier Swarowski