Antonini divided the brand into several collections, each named after a specific region or town in the world: Istanbul, Malibu, Australia, Barcelona, Panama, Alaska or Antarctica, as a unique way of both identifying and differentiating its creations.

Each collection is inspired by a certain feature of a town or a place, just like the sunny and bright Istanbul or the purity and the coldness in Alaska.

Of an extreme beauty, the head of Malibu collection is a white gold bracelet decorated with blue topaz and diamonds, while Istanbul has to offer a gorgeous white gold ring, with diamonds and rhodiated gold. And since a necklace is in order, let’s not forget about the anniversary collection signed Antonini, featuring a chain and a pendant, both made from rose gold and stunning champagne diamonds.

Gold necklace with champagne diamonds, Australia collectionRose gold rings with champagne diamonds, Istanbul collectionAntonini JewelryRose gold, black rhodium and champagne diamonds cuff, Milano collectionGold pieces with multicolored gemstrones and diamonds, Malibu collection

With geometric and clear lines, Antonini’s designs are wanted and celebrated all around the globe. The Italian designer surely knows to respect a certain material or a precious stone, so he doesn’t alters it, but maintains its original and characteristic lines, just like he describes his work: “simple and clean shapes, fine materials and elegance”.

White gold bracelet with diamonds, Barcelona collectionEarrings and ring with pink tourmalines, citrines and diamonds, Antarctica collection

After being rewarded with the “Diamond International Award”, one major distinction in the jewelry industry, Sergio Antonini, the man behind the brand with the same name isn’t going to stop here. He dreams and he creates a harmonious collection if well balanced precious stones, with elegant designs and modern features, all handcrafted and incredibly creative and stylish.

We just loved the amethyst ring featuring peridot and white gold, from the Antarctica collection, or the beautiful and sculptural bracelet made of gold and diamonds featured in the Australian line.