Swedish fashion and accessories retailer H&M joined forces with editor-at-large and Vogue Japan's creative consultant, Anna Dello Russo, to create a one of a kind, statement fall 2012 collection signed H&M. Opulence and extravagance are the best words to describe the upcoming collection, so check it out and tell us if it's perfect for you!

The fall 2012 season has been marked by numerous collaborations in the world of beauty and fashion and it seems that one of the collaborations that raised plenty of interest from fashionistas, was the one announced by Swedish high-street retailer H&M. The brand tapped none other than editor-at-large and Vogue Japan's creative consultant, Anna Dello Russo, to collaborate in the creation process of the brand's fall 2012 collection and it seems that the results split the brand's audience into two groups: the ones that love the collection and the ones that are skeptic about the outcome of the collaboration.

It's obvious that conquering everyone is basically impossible when it comes to fashion, so Anna Dello Russo channeled all her energy into bringing fans a unique, opulent and extravagant fashion and accessories collection that matches the personal style of Vogue Japan's creative consultant. This is by far one of the boldest collections we've seen so far at H&M and this new niche will probably help the brand attract new clientele, people who are more daring and willing to push the boundaries with their style.

According to Anna Dello Russo's 'Fashion Shower' short music video which presents some of the H&M by Anna Dello Russo items and which features fashion advice from the diva, there's nothing sexier than excess and the brand's fall 2012 collection is definitely not short on glam, extravagant, heavy details that scream excess. The 50--year-old stunner revealed to WWD the result she wanted to achieve with her designs for H&M by saying:

“I wanted to re-create the excitement of the fashion week tour, when you enter a dreamy fashion bubble that is almost a parallel reality. I tried to capture that sense of freedom, joy and excitement.”

The collection that features an impressive array of accessories including some voguish shoes and cool clutches managed to capture a massive amount of attention since it was revealed to the audience through the brand's newest lookbook, as all 50 items included seem to be magnets for attention.
Fauna and flora played as the muse of the collection which was also given a kind-of 'Alice in Wonderland' meets Greek glamor goddess allure, making it a visual spectacle for the eyes. The excessive gold tone used in the collection's jewelry, clutch and shoe design, is balanced with tones of green, turquoise, coral, making these accessories a delight to watch. "Accessories are like vitamins to fashion — as such, you should use them liberally", said Anna Dello Russo, and she's surely taking on her own advice in this collection.

Apart from the lovely oversized jewelry designs, the editor put on display numerous edgy shades, some fabulous boots, sandals and a pair of gold ballerina flats as well as a few traveling bags, which are meant to make your traveling fun and fashionable. "Airports will be less gray and impersonal if you bring this kind of travelwear with you. It’s like a dash of fairy tale magic, or Alice’s white rabbit — a door to a new dimension", said Anna Dello Russo to WWD, so check out the collection starting October 4 and pick your new fashion faves!

Photos courtesy of H&M