We’ve all gotten used to seeing Angelina Jolie sport some serious bling at recent red carpet awards and it seems that her passion for jewelry and humanitarian causes have turned the star’s attention towards a possible union between these two, the launch of a jewelry line.

Angelina Jolie has been collaborating for the past 9 months with with designer Robert Procop to create a jewelry line that will be sold privately through Procop and all the proceeds will go the Angelina Jolie’s charity, the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.

It seems that Angelina has been an admirer for Procop’s jewelry, so what better designer to help the diva design a jewelry line that will suit her style perfectly. The line is titled “Style of Jolie” and features classic yet glamorous jewelry pieces that capture and enchant the eyes. The collection will be available for sale and will be displayed at a Julien’s Auction House in Beverly Hillds. Unfortunately the collection will be displayed in a high-end museum, and will be an invitation-only display, meaning not everyone will be able to catch a glimpse at the amazing and luxurious pieces.

Angelina Jolie Jewelry Collection Robert Procop Angelina Jolie

However, a sneak-peek of Angelina Jolie’s jewelry collection has been released. The collection features unique and high quality pieces, so check out the designs as you’ll probably see it next on your favorite celebrity.

Procop said that: “This is a collaboration between Angelina Jolie and myself in designing beautiful jewels as a piece of an art form,” “..our main mission is helping children in crisis by educating children around the world.”

Her style is memorable and leans heavily towards classic, a memorable appearance is the one at the 2009 Oscars where she wore a pair of fabulous oversized emerald earrings, so check out the collection and inspire yourself as she has an impeccable style.

Style og Jolie Angelina Jolie Jewlery by Robert Procop Angelina Jolie Fine Jewelry Line

Photo courtesy of robertprocop.com, Getty Images