“I love her eclectic sensibility and the use of influences from around the world,” Alice Temperley said of Jade Jagger’s jewellery line. “She mixes the old and the new with a rock and roll twist. She has a free-spirited approach to design.”Jade Jagger, artist, creative director and visionary jeweller, is known for her maverick sensibility, combining refined luxury and grounded values, thing that resulted into the many facets for the Jade Jagger design brand. “I always wear Jade’s jewellery and Jade is always wearing my dresses, so this evening is a logical outcome of our mutual fascination with each other,” Alice told Elle UK. Well, it seems that Alice and Jade, who first met eight years ago, had wanted to partner for a long time now, so they came together and hosted the ‘Frocks and Rocks’ launch at the Temperley London Mayfair Bruton Street flagship store.

Alice Temperley Jade Jagger Host PartyAlice Temperley Jade Jagger Frocks And Rocks

“Over dinner in Paris during Fashion Week, Jade and I discussed how much I wanted her jewellery and she wanted what I was wearing, so we decided it would be a fun idea to combine forces,” Temperley told Vogue UK. “We will continue to sell Jade’s beautiful pieces for the next two months, along with some other creative friends’ artworks. We also have fashion dolls by Alice Mary Lynch, backgammon boards by Alexandra Llewellyn and painted screens by Frederick Wimsett in the store.”

Alice Temperley Jade Jagger Frocks And Rocks Party

But boy oh boy, besides an array of stylish clothes and exquisite jewelry pieces, there was also a guest list featuring some well-known names like Virginia Bates, Charlotte Tilbury, Jacquetta Wheeler, Laura Bailey, Jacquetta Wheeler, Jade Parfitt, Caroline Issa, Yasmin Mill. All the gorgeous people participating to the event celebrating the world of fashion and jewellery under one roof was entertained by Horsemeat Disco music.

Jade Jagger Frocks And Rocks Jewellery

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