Glamor reached a peak at Alexis Bittar's fall 2012 jewelry collection, so browse through the exquisite designs and pick the ultra seductive pieces that complete your style best!

Glamor reached an all-time high at Alexis Bittar as the American jewelry designer went wild with luxurious gems and mesmerizing motifs. The designer's Elements fall 2012 jewelry collection suits perfectly the feminine, power-styles that have been dominating the fall 2012 fashion scene, so no wonder that the unique jewelry items call for women who want to underline their femininity and unmatchable style.

The collection which will only hit the shelves in August is already available for pre-order until June 1), so make sure you browse through the amazing accessory designs and pick the 'elements' that you feel they suit your personality best. Accessories are known for their uber-important role when it comes to fashion and style, so make sure you learn how to accessorize in style with the help of unique, innovative jewelry styles that match your bubbly, unique personality perfectly.

The mesmerizing designs still maintain the same elegance and high-class craftsmanship as last season, but the designs are spiked-up with a higher dose of luxury. Glistening gems adorn various designs, from rings to necklaces and bracelets and feature glistening gems that capture the attention in an instant and underline the luxurious appeal of the collection. To give it an even more sizzling style, the collection features a 'wildlife' influence with stone encrusted panthers and curly snake inspired motifs.

The collection which features “Elements” priced between $125 and $495 features nude and smokey tone gems such as smokey quartz, shimmering pyrite, so give the collection a glimpse and pick up your favorite pieces as soon as the collection hits the shelves!

Photos courtesy of Alexis Bittar