Created in collaboration with Linda Farrow, the sunglasses collection signed Alexander Wang is clearly the next big thing in the fascinating world of fashionable accessories. And for this specific line, Wang went back in a little trip in time, finding his inspiration in the image of femme fatale best represented by Sophia Lauren or other old Hollywood stars. Big hair and a sexy scarf can only be completed in this picture with a pair of sunglasses cat eye-framed.

Modern or more classical, Alexander Wang’s sunglasses are so fabulous, that they match almost everything. They are universally flattering so don’t have any hesitation in choosing one of the cat eye models which Wang so beautifully designed. Wearing them will instantly give you some of Hollywood’s glamour and style.

Smoky sunglasses, zipper details, the cat-eyed shapes, the resin frames and the attitude which comes with them, these are Alexander Wang’s secrets related to this collection. The cool kid who rocked the fashion world with is clothing lines is just about to score again, due to its spring 2010 sunglasses collection. Can’t wait for spring to come, it will be the best season ever!