Nicole Akong decided to use her creativity to contribute to the development of jewelry design. Offering a unique and cutting edge vision on how a modern woman should complement her outfits, the couturier started a brand new label, named Akong Londond at the beginning of 2010. According to the promo, “Akong London is set to become a cult favourite among style hunters in the know. Each piece is meticulously handmade with every component earning its rightful place within the finished design. The result is that every finished piece is treated as a mini work of art in its own right.”

As you’ll see, the materials and colors used in the Akong fall 2012 jewelry collection celebrate the rise of the urban amazon who is not afraid of standing out from the crowd with a provocative yet extremely luxurious style. We have also found out that Nicole Akong was mainly inspired by “style heroines who demand touches of luxury every day. The look features the glamour of jewels, the urban cool of chains, and some unconventional materials and trims to create an overall head-turning result.” See these amazing jewelry creations and start flirting with the idea of embedding them into your signature looks.

 Akong Fall 2012 Jewelry Collection  Akong Fall 2012 Jewelry Collection  Akong Fall 2012 Jewelry Collection

Injecting a tint of urban luxury in our wardrobe is essential. The hottest catwalk and red carpet shows illustrate how important it is to attract the attention of both style critics and fashionistas to the secrets of modern accessorizing. Akong is the ultimate brand which mirrors the ever changing need of the style pack for glamorous and timeless jewelry designs. Watch out for the new collection released by this impressive label which lines up a fab parade of sparkling stoles (as the new must-have jewelry of the moment, lace and crystal collars along with tassel earrings and amazing bracelets. The chromatic options for this jewelry cavalcade are limited to classy black, ivory, metallic shades, blue and green.

This time Nicole Akong managed to distance herself from vibrant hues and bold patterns for the sake of creating a suit-all and more ceremonial collection. These voguish collars and necklaces can complement a formal red-carpet-worthy ensemble if you want to stick to the safest accessorizing options. However, adventurous fashionistas also have the chance to pierce these statement accessories into their semi-formal or office-chic apparels. Team up a gorgeous uniform-colored top or a fail-safe white shirt with one of these gorgeous crystal or lace collars depending on your preferences. Keep an eye on the upcoming collections of Akong London for further inspiration for fashion forward accessorizing.

 Akong Fall 2012 Jewelry Collection  Akong Fall 2012 Jewelry Collection  Akong Fall 2012 Jewelry Collection  Akong Fall 2012 Jewelry Collection

Image courtesy of Akong London