Accessories have a leading role when it comes to personalizing an outfit and taking it to a superior level in terms of complexity and elegance, originality and style. Each year fall accessories trends offer us the opportunity to renew our wardrobe by infusing it with a different set of pieces inspired from different time decades or from various unique cultures, to be able to maintain our style looking fresh. The fashion accessories of this season are no different, being an expression of style and opulence, leaving a powerful impression trough their eye catching presence.

The accessories for the fall/winter season 2010-2011 are quite contrasting being made to suit a variety of tastes and personalities. The influences are both classical and futuristic, feminine and daring, enabling each woman to embrace the style that most suits her. Some fall trends are also heavily inspired by the leading trends of this summer, a clear sign that the femininity that was characteristic for this summer will still have a strong impact for the colder seasons. At the same time, classicism and luxury are wonderfully combined creating the impression of power and modernism in a perfect balance. Here are a few of the must have accessories for fall/winter 2010-2011:

Ankle socksAnkle socks are the perfect example of a beloved summer trend that comes back in style the next season. Designers with a resounding name in the world of fashion such as Marc Jacobs or John Galliano have ensured that this trend will be well represented for the season to come. If in the summer ankle socks were used to give a more interesting touch to heeled sandals,when the temperatures are lower ankles sock will be used to add a touch rebellion, being worn with high heeled boots. To pull off a fashionable look you can try to wear them dresses, skirts and oversized accessories.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

The shoulder bag A classical and practical alternative to more modern and heavily accessorized handbags, the shoulder bag will be one of the stars of this season, giving a chic, stylish impression being perfect for a variety of occasions, being suitable both for upgrading a casual look as well as for completing a more conventional outfit that must follow a set of stricter rules.

Leopard printed accessoriesAnimal prints are coming back in full force in a variety of ways, aiming to add a daring touch to more conventional outfits, being one of the simplest ways to spice up your wardrobe for the season to come. There are virtually no restrictions when it comes to choosing animal printed outfits so use your personal sense of style and choose the accessories allow you to express your personality the best. Here are a few options you can choose from:

Knitwear and fur insertions Knits are the ultimate expression of comfort and coziness, two characteristics of the colder season we are all able to relate to. Influences of this trend can be found everywhere from knitted bags (Prada) to boots with heavy knitted applications. If knitted accessories are not exactly your thing you can opt for a variety of clothing items with these types of insertions ranging from chic vests or loose fitting sweaters. If you are aiming for a more elegant then accessories wit artificial fur insertion can be just what you are looking for.