Summer days are here so you need to start protecting your eyes more than ever. Sunglasses protect our eyes from the UV rays which can lead to cataract development and premature wrinkles.

Sunglasses are not used just for protection, nowadays they are an accessory and a fashion item. Here are the 2009 summer sunglasses trends to help you choose your signature glasses.

Colored sunglasses

If you are looking to be fun and colorful this summer colored sunglasses are the ones for you. You can find them in many shapes, from vintage to modern and in various colors from blue to pink, red, purple and yellow. Match your sunglasses to your handbag or your clothes and you will look fabulous.


Animal print sunglasses

If you are looking to be trendy and stand out in a discreet way animal print sunglasses are the ones for you. They match perfectly with a casual outfit and you can find them in various styles.

Glamorous sunglasses

These sunglasses are going to make you stand out. They are a great option for going out in a stylish outfit. The sunglasses can have different embellishments and tiny crystals embedded into the frame. There are several designs and colors to choose from. You can go for brown, black, white or gold.

Classic sunglasses

The black, white or black&white sunglasses are very hip. For a more vintage look you can opt for the black and white combination. They are very hip and work well with simple and elegant outfits.

Fade lens sunglasses

Fade lens sunglasses are very cool. You can wear them with all types of outfits depending on their frame. The lenses and frames come in various colors and styles. They will help you create a very classic look.

Depending on what you like and what suits your style you can choose to have more than one pair for better styling options. No matter what style you pick you will most definitely be fashionable.

2009 Summer Sunglasses Trends