Rihanna proved she’s a true style icon once again with the release of her new Talk That Talk promo photos in which the divalicious 23 year old singer rocks various retro inspired looks. Fashion seems to be in the young singer’s blood as she always manages to adopt unique looks, pulling off a smooth transition from her edgy to the ultra seductive red carpet looks.

Retro chic seems to be the look Rihanna adopted for the Talk That Talk album promo shoot as well as for the first video from the album for the “We Found Love” single. However, the photos have already sparked controversy for apparently ‘glamorizing smoking’. The singer is seen smoking and holding a cigarette in her hand in several of the photos, and this seems to have triggered an alarm signal for some. Rihanna was criticized for her choice to smoke in her latest music video “We Found Love” by the Ulster Cancer Foundation of Ireland, where the 23 year old singer shot her video.

Although she was criticized for apparently ‘glamorizing smoking’, Rihanna ignored her critiques and went along with the promo photos in which she’s seen holding a cigarette. According to DailyMail, a spokesperson for the UCF of Ireland charity, Doreen Reegan, said:

“Three-quarters of adult smokers start the habit as teenagers, which is why it is so irresponsible of Rihanna to influence her young fan base in this way. After so much hype around the filming of the video it was very disappointing to see Rihanna so blatantly smoking throughout it. Artists such as Rihanna are held in high esteem and regarded as role models by millions of young people. We are very concerned that young people watching the video will see smoking as glamorous and want to copy her behaviour.”

What’s your take on Rihanna’s new promo photos?

Photo credit: rihannanow.com