The album released after the death of one of the most iconic performers of the century features the brand new video in collaboration with Akon. Michael Jackson feat Akon “Hold My Hand” Video has all the energetic and visionary elements the music and dance moves the legendary performer had making the perfect combination to pave the way for world-wide success. The song composed by Claude Kelly is about the most important moments of our lives when we need a helping hand to get through both cheer and pain. Recorded back in 2007 the song wasn’t completely finishes as Akon had to add some of his vocals for it.

The music video directed by Mark Pellington lines up a multitude of scenes from the present as well as the glorious past and stage performances of Michael Jackson. Children and adults pay their tribute to the fame and career of the late singer by copycatting the signature dance moves and screaming his name.

Pellington claimed to TMZ that “The video is a spiritual collage of MJ’s legacy told through a visual mosaic exploring the themes of life.” . The new album entitled ‘Michael’ containing this single will be released on December 14. Moreover we could also find out from Sony Music that the King of Pop decided that “Hold My Hand” should be the first song to be released from the new album and that he put down his intention on a handwritten note.

The video in spite of keeping fans on their toes also launched some controversies as others claim it is a cliche to still use the name and fame of a performer who passed away and launch albums and singles. Others are thrilled that the memory of Michael Jackson lives and and he even grants them with a brand new set of songs.