Apparently, after her controversial music video ‘Alejandro’, Lady Gaga has done it again, now raising controversy with her latest music video ‘Judas’. Lady Gaga has won numerous awards for her albums and her dedication to music, but not all people are backing-up on Gaga, as ‘Judas’, her latest video has a certain biblical reference which some people consider to be offensive.

Lady Gaga has definitely made her music videos theatrical, but is her latest video going to put Gaga’s career on the hot spot? Since most people considered the video an attack to Catholic religion, the Church is expected to have a say in it.

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Lady Gaga has already explained her vision over the Judas video, and she hasn’t intended to attack religion. The video debut, which had its world premiere Thursday, caused quite a stir rapidly. To make things clear, Lady Gaga gave an interview and explained to Giuliana Rancic that she did not view the video as a religious statement. She said:

“I don’t view the video as a religious statement. I view it as social statement. I view it as a cultural statement.” “It’s a metaphor. It’s not meant to be a biblical lesson.”

The video was co-directed by Lady Gaga and choreographer Laurianne Gibson and it looks amazing. Gaga, who was in Catholic school for about 15 years and says she’s deeply religious, plays Mary Magdalene in the video and ends-up falling in love with the Biblical betrayer Judas. In the Bible, Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ follower and traditionally a reformed prostitute.

Do you think this video is controversial or do you agree with Gaga, that it’s just a metaphor?

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