The controversial singer known for her extreme looks has finally finished her new video “Bad Romance”. Her brand new single was premiered at Alexander Mcqueen's fashion show, making a perfect mix of music and fashion. The artist has always been a fashion addict, and her edgy looks are always haute- couture. So what kind of look is she going to reveal us this time?

There have been previews of the much awaited video, revealing the edgy signature style of Gaga. This time, she features a white look, and trying to release herself from two women. There are amazing images that will complete the hit-to-be single. Directed by Francis Lawrence, the video is another masterpiece of an entire “fame monster” who seems like doing everything to get people's attention.

“The Fame Monster” album soon to be released on November the 23rd will include the “Bad Monster” as one of the eight singles of the pop star. As soon as the album is released, Gaga starts promoting it with a tour starting from November 27th and finish it sometime in April, 2010.

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Gaga explained the theme of her album, saying that it represents the monsters and demons from inside a human being, the sins she had to face and how fame kills the natural part of a person. She named her tour “The Monster Ball” and described as "the first-ever pop electro opera”.

Lady Gaga's outfits are always intriguing, sometimes grotesque, but always stylish. She is an ultimate walking fashion guide, showing up with extreme hairstyles each time she's in public. Her songs are always a hit and the videos are mesmerizing. This final video release is just as artistic as all of her works, and probably a next hit-to-be single that will be on top till her next release.

Lady Gaga - "Bad Romance" Video