Jacqueline Emerson is featured in the latest issue of Glamoholic. The lovely 17-year-old actress and singer dishes on finding her music identity, The Hunger Games and future plans. Check out what she had to share with the magazine!

She is part of the new generation of talented young actors at Hollywood. Jacqueline Emerson, as it's her we are talking about, portrayed Foxface in The Hunger Games, a science fiction action film directed by Gary Ross, based on the novel of the same name by Suzanne Collins. Speaking to Glamoholic about having the chance to star in such a phenomenon, Emerson confesses that it was indeed an incredible experience.
"It's been amazing. I got to work with one of the most talented directors out there, Gary Ross, who really just helped me get into the mind set of the character. The cast and crew was so unbelievably supportive, I mean I was still kind of nervous with this being my first movie set but everyone just kind of put me at ease," the actress says.

Still, when she signed to do the movie, Jacqueline didn't know it will have such a great impact. "I had no idea. When they were doing the press releases of the cast everybody was talking about it but I had no idea it would be this big. I'm so humbled, I can't believe it's done as well as it has," Emerson admits.

Jacqueline stars alongside Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth in The Hunger Games. Asked whether it was any sense of competition on set, the beautiful actress says that, "Not at all, it was actually the opposite. We all became so close. It was really like tight knit family over the summer, and I'm still in close contact with everybody in the cast. It was the opposite of what the movie is."

Jacqueline Emerson for Glamoholic

As on preparing for the role, Emerson reveals that, "One of the things I was really fortunate about is there's not a lot given about her in the book. I kind of got to make up my own back story for her, a whole life, and her name which isn't in the book. The reason why she is the way she is, and a lot of times you don't get that opportunity with roles. So I was really lucky to have that liberty."

Well, if you didn't know it, Jacqueline is also a singer. She has just released two singlse on iTunes, 'Peter Pan' and 'Catch Me If You Can'. On her plans to record an album, Emerson told Glamoholic that, "Hopefully. I'm going back to school right now, but hopefully an album will be on the way. I'll have to let you know."

The 17-year-old actress and singer told the magazine that she is now looking for her own music identity. "Right now I'm really just exploring, my first song 'Peter Pan' is much more me. It's much more singer/writer, and 'Catch Me If You Can' is a lot more electronic and I didn't use my voice a lot. It's not really the sound that I'm going for. I am at the stage right now where I want to try a bunch of different sounds and find the one that I think fits me best," Emerson confesses.

Jacqueline also revealed in her interview that she's going to be involved in The Hunger Games convention tour. "I am gonna be involved in it, I'm very excited! It is going to be in Chicago, possibly in England and maybe a couple other places. I'm going to Africa in the middle of the summer so I won't be going to some of the conventions but I definitely think it will be worth it," she says.
"I am going with my family because my sisters are in a choir that is touring there. My sisters are amazing," the actress says about her journey to Africa.

What about her future plans? "I've got a couple other projects coming up that I'm attaching myself to. I can't talk about them yet but hopefully I will be back in the studio soon and starting college in a year. I'm very excited about that as well," Jacqueline told Glamoholic.

Jacqueline Emerson for Glamoholic

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