American Idol is not the only chance to become a real music diva or a successful songwriter. This time Avon comes up with an idea to show your talent and become a popular and skilled musician. The whole campaign was envisioned by creative directors of the company to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the brand. December 1 was the actual date of launch for the Avon Voice campaign. The online talent search is judged by one of the most beloved entertainer of the moment, Fergie and also an acclaimed and ace songwriter, Diane Warren who collaborated with great bands as Aerosmith. In order to participate all you have to do is register on The next step would be to listen carefully to the guide offered by a welcome video starring Fergie as the international spokesperson of the company.

There’s no need to stay away of the competition if you don’t trust your singing skills. You can still compete as a songwriter, in this case your lyrics should contain themes that are closely related to “empowerment”. There are no gender restrictions both boys and girls can apply for the competition. Moreover those who wish to only follow the whole campaign can also influence the outcome of the competition be registering at and vote for the best singing talent or songwriter.

The deadline to select a song from and also upload a video is February 13. Furthermore by March 8, the company will choose 200 contestants to travel around the world and more specifically in four extravagant cities as Nashville, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong and also Paris. These are the spots where they will get the proper voice training as well as will also experience a fabulous makeover that would turn them into future starlets. On July 25 only 25 of them will get to Hollywood to record some songs. The great prize is to record a pro album that would pave the way to success. On the other hand the songwriter competition will start only on May 20 and will last throughout the months until around July 1.

Fergie claimed to WWD, “Focus on your strengths. If you’re a diva vocalist, pick a big ballad that shows that off. If you are a rock vocalist, pick a song that more suits your voice for that and really perform it.…Show off your best assets and be original. Be fearless.” She added, “I want to hear somebody sing something that jumps out of the speakers at me.”.

Diane Warren on the other hand said to WWD that : “What draws me in is uniqueness. Something said a different way. And a great singer to me isn’t about the technical aspect of singing. It’s the soul, it’s the passion.”

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