Britney is making a comeback and her latest hit songs and upcoming tour are proof that she is trying to give back to her fans. Britney has been making a few changes as far as her music and show go, so people should expect an intense and entertaining performance. To make things hot Britney Spears has signed Nicki Minaj to perform the opening act on her tour.

Nicki Minaj was not actually Britney’s first pick as before her, she actually announced Enrique Iglesias as her opening act. However, it seems that soon after Britney’s announcement, Enrique decided to bail out as he didn’t want to be in the opening act. Well, if his ego couldn’t take it, Britney’s team had to find someone else, and who better that the other “Femme Fatale” of the moment, Nicki Minaj.

It seems Nicki Minaj’s career is blooming as she is going to move from one tour to another, as the opening act of some of the most popular stars of the moment. Nicki is now touring with Lil Wayne until the end of the month, and her hits which include “Moment 4Life”and “Did It On’em” seem to help Nicki’s ascending career. E!News says that Britney Spears has finally reached an agreement with Nicky Minaj and that she will be Brit’s opening act for her brand new comeback tour. People are expecting a lot from Britney’s performance and it seems that this duo will definitely rock the stage.

Other artists which are rumored to perform along with Britney are Joe Jonas and Usher, but so far nothing has been confirmed. Britney stated on her Twitter account that she is going to make an official announcement tomorrow with regards to who will be joining her on stage this summer. She twitted:

“I’m announcing the on sale date for my tour tomorrow and the AMAZING Femme Fatale’s who will be joining me on stage this summer…. -Britney”

These two divas are set to bring some heat with their new concert series which will start in June 17 in Sacramento and end in August 13 in Toronto. We can’t wait to see Brit and Minaj in action, rocking the stage!

What’s your take on the subject: would you have liked Enrique better or her second choice, Nicki?

Britney Spears Signs Nicki Minaj for Tour

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