Britney looks fresh and new again, in her latest video for the single called “3”. She posted sneak peeks on her twitter page to tease the fans, and once it was released, the video hit the top of the charts. It is just as naughty as the last few videos she released. The pop superstar, mother-of-two, didn’t disappoint us this time either.

Her outfits are also eye-catching: a white leotard and black stiletto boots and later on in some black lace tights. The video is based on two main images: Britney dancing with a pole, accompanied by some dancers and later on, she dances with two mysterious men. The single “3”, will be released on 24th November, on her new album ”The Singles Collection”, a mix of her 17 greatest hits.

Britney’s comeback is hot, hot hot, both in image and lyrics. Her moves are more than provocative, while the entire video is quite simple. By keeping it minimal, she draws all the attention on herself and creates another sensual video that will have to be remembered. After the video “Toxic”, voted as the hottest video ever, this is a great comeback that no one expected from the pop star.

The album was planned to be released on 24th of November, but since the single was early to, gossips say that date moved on 10th on November 2009, being the third set of the pop diva. Until than, enjoy her new video: “3”.