The MTV Music Awards, held in Germany, took place yesterday , on 5th of November. Many celebrities were hosted, many of them winning great prices, but one of the most intriguing presence was Beyonce amazing the crowd with her thanks to Jay- Z.

This time, Beyonce won two MTV awards, one for “Halo”, as the Best Song, and one for the well known “Single Ladies” announced as the Best Video. Also, she won the price of Best Female Artist. And when accepting the statue, Beyonce made a quite splashing announcement:
"There is only one person I want to thank and that is Jay for putting a ring on it!"

Beyonce also performed live at the event in a stunning hot red corset and garters. She started her performance with a group of men dancers with black masks, till she maid her way to the front to continue her dance with the well known female backup dancers. The hot red corsets and appealing stockings made the performance even more complete to their sexy dance.

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Beyonce's latest album, “I am... Sasha Fierce”, has hit the charts from all over the world with five number one singles, including the two award winning singles. Also, a deluxe edition of the album is going to be released on 23rd of November, featuring the number one hits and two bonus tracks, one of them being the famous duet with Lady Gaga, “Video Phone”.

The talented female artist keeps amazing the public with her number one singles and incredible performances. The hot corset in which she performed for “Sweet Dreams”, perfectly completed her thanks to husband Jay-Z and once again left the crowd with an unforgettable appearance at the Berlin Wall.

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