The next guaranteed hit in the music industry is the music video of the top divas, Beyonce, recently known as Sasha Fierce and Lady Gaga. It is directed by Hype Williams in the biggest secret of all. Rumors say it will be definitely a trend setting video, with Gaga’s well known edgy appearance and Beyonce’s absolute glamor.

The video is said to be released on 11th of November, when we’ll finally see the result of the mix of two different edges. Sasha Fierce is rumored to wear a feathered dress, while pictures have leaked out with Lady Gaga, wearing a white strapless leotard with matching opera gloves matched with some edgy neon yellow platform pumps.

Sasha Fierce Lady Gaga on stage

Their look will be just as we expect it to be, but how about the lyrics? Video Phone is been on the radio since a while, but Lady Gaga have got the chance to put a new line in it for the music video. One thing is for sure: the fashion will be wild and crazy, and how much of a role will Gaga have in this video, will only turn out in the next weeks to come. She might just appear in it, she might me featured or even directing the video.

Fans should expect a real adventure in costumes, plenty of dancing and shocking images, all put into a unique performance. So get prepare for the most outrageous duet ever. It will be a spectacular show and surely worth watching it. Sasha Fierce and Gee-yonce will shock with their duet and some insane choreography.