The Adam Lambert debut album is available for pre-order, till the release date of November 24th. It is number one best seller already, beating artists like Madonna and Barbara Streisand. The glam-rocker promises a lot since his success in the last “American Idol” 8th season. Is it going to be as good as we think he is?

The runner-up contestant of “American Idol” is now ready to release his debut album. There's a video release already for the song “Time for Miracles”, which will also appear on the glamorous album. The cover that's also public is inspired by Lisa Frank, icon of the 80s. His image is airbrushed to the extremes and neon lights are completing his appearance. Either people like it or not, as a homage to the past, the cover has done its work, because it got everyone's attention.

As for the single “Time for Miracles”, it is the soundtrack for the movie “2012”, that's also going to be released next month. The album is said to be just as the cover: a mix of rock, pop, electric and glam, a modern twist of the 70's rock music, in an almost futuristic way. The lyrics are meant to get close to people's souls as Adam declared in one of his interviews: “appeal to people that are going through a hard time or don’t believe in themselves.”

Adam Lambert For Your Entertainment Adam Lambert

The title of the album, “For Your Entertainment”, already says everything about his work. The star collaborates with the best pop hit makers and he's always ready to surprise his fans. Adam is very versatile and doing his best in entertaining people, he rocks all the way and works hard on his popularity. Let's see if he can go beyond his Idol success.