A few hours before the premiere of the controversial music video release by the hyper-popular band, 30 Seconds to Mars, the frontman Jared Leto decided to offer the fans a list of facts why MTV decided to ban “Hurricane” from television. Indeed the 30 Seconds to Mars ‘Hurricane’ video and MTV controversy gave birth to long and complicated debates about the content of the small movie as well as the principles which led the music channel to bring this unfortunate decision. However as we can read it on the official site of MTV news, finally even Jared Leto wanted to claim that the video is kept from the eye of the minor public not due to the explicit content but instead “There are some edits that need to be made … there is some footage that remained in the cut that was, I guess, overlooked.”

Once all the tiny problems are fixed the video will be aired on MTV without any restrictions. The lead singer also stated that “I think with a piece of work like this, this all becomes part of the process — whether it’s a song or a show or a film — it all brings us on this journey, and, this just happens to be part of the journey of ‘Hurricane,’ this controversial, banned little film,” he added.

30 Seconds to Mars

“I didn’t expect all this to happen, but it’s a good thing that it happens, only because of the conversation that it may provoke, about these sort of things, and looking at art and creative expression and weighing that against protecting the viewers from the exhibition of certain behaviors.”(MTV NEWS)

Indeed Hurricane yet another epic envisioned by the members of 30 Seconds to Mars a band, we should not forget that managed to renew of ashes as a real Phoenix bird conquering the heart of the fans who are already prepared for the unique music style these guys represent.

30 Seconds to Mars

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