For all the Twilight fans Sunday was an exciting day as Twilight stars presented the official “Breaking Dawn Trailer” part 1, at the 2011 MTV Movie awards. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were all smiles when they announced the much awaited trailer and everyone was waiting.

In this upcoming movie prepare to be intrigued by the sex scene between characters Bella and Edward following their wedding as well as by the fact that Bella will get pregnant. Twilight has become hugely successful on an international level and people just can’t wait for the movie to hit the theaters.

However, before all the Twilight actors were invited to the scene, you could see the room sizzling as Robert and Kristen received an award for best kiss. The two were expected to kiss on stage as last time they stepped on stage for such an award, but apparently the two prepared a surprise that shocked and brought laughter for everyone. As Robert leaned in for a kiss with Kristen, he quickly turned and ran towards the area where the guests, including Taylor Lautner were seated and planted a smooch on him. He then gave Taylor a kiss on the head as well and kissed his hand in respect.

The room was all laughter including Taylor Lautner who quickly wiped his mouth after, it seems like he’s really not all that comfortable kissing a guy! Well, at least now he knows why Bella can’t stop kissing him behind cameras!

The Premiere of the Breaking Dawn – Part 1 is set to November 18th, so we can’t wait to get a glimpse of Bella and Edward’s traditional wedding as well as the baby bump! What are you most anxious about in the upcoming movie?

Twilight Stars Present Official Breaking Down Trailer

Photos courtesy of Getty Images