With the movie remake ‘Total Recall’ about to hit the theaters, co-stars Jessica Biel, Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale carry out their promotional duties and land the cover of Maxim July/August 2012, where they gush on their roles as well as guilty pleasures and more, so check out highlights of their interview with the magazine to find out everything about the hot cast.

The trio went all fierce for James White’s camera lens for Maxim, donning all black designer ensembles that underlined their well toned bods as the action packed movie scenes required them to get in their best shape. Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel might exude femininity, but they are definitely two ‘touch cookies’ as the actresses revealed to Maxim details of their fight-scene. Jessica tells the mag that:

“Kate and I laughed about that one a lot. We never get to fight women in our movies, so we never had hair to deal with. I’d fake-punch her, her hair would go flying and get caught in my button, and I’d be stuck to her head.”

Although the two might have had a blast filming, Hollywood’s bad-boy, actor Colin Farrell says that “there wasn’t a f$#%in’ thing that looked girly about that fight. It was like a kung fu master class between you too”, so no wonder that is one of the scenes that has been flashed in the movie’s promo trailer.

The action movie is packed with interesting, sci-fi gadgets and apparently the cast fell in love with some of them. When asked about the gadgets they’d love to own in reality, the cast has three different answers that go from Jessica’s desire for a hovercraft to Kate’s implant phones and Colin’s funny wish: ‘a three-breasted hooker in a hovercraft!’.

The three actors have been labelled sexy on numerous occasions, so as far as the sexiest word in English goes, the three surprise their fans with some weird choices as their answers went from a ‘YES’ for Kate Beckinsale to ‘hippopotamus’ for Jessica Biel and a mix of them plus the word ‘softly’ for heartthrob Colin, who managed to come up with an orgasmic sentence as he told the Maxim that:

“I put those together for an absolute instant orgasm. [whispers]’Yes. Softly, hippopotamus.”

The cast also chats about their guilty pleasures with the magazine as well as Kate Beckinsale’s dislike to wearing panties, so find out everything about the main cast of ‘Total Recall’ by checking out their full interview featured in the July/August 2012 issue of Maxim.

Photos courtesy of Maxim