Chick flicks or romantic comedies have always been a big hit. While defining what makes a good chick flick is extremely hard because everyone has different tastes, some movies just seem to have the winning combination that makes them huge successes. Here's a list of the top 5 chick flicks of the last decade that have driven women to the theater and are a good rent for a relaxed evening with your girls or a fun sleepover!

Planning a fun evening with your best friends? Or just want a fun movie rent ideas?
Check out the top 5 chick flicks of the last decade for a good laugh with your friends or family!

John Tucker Must Die(2006)

"John Tucker Must Die" is classic teen movie about three girls who plan to teach the most popular jock in high school a lesson he'll never forget after they find out he cheated on all of them. After a series of unsuccessful attempts they figure out that the only way get him to suffer is by breaking his heart the same way he did and manage to do so after a witty, beautiful yet unpopular girl joins them.

The movie attempts to break the usual stereotypes we encounter in high school by proving that even seemingly different personalities can find a common ground and showing that popularity isn't necessarily a desirable attribute.

Uptown girls(2003)

What does a rich girl do when left without her inheritance? She gets a job as a nanny and in the process learns how to become a grown-up while teaching an 8 year old girl how to be kid.
The role reversal is the defining element that makes this romantic comedy so special and the amazing actresses Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning definitely contributed to its success.

50 First Dates(2004)

"50 First Dates" is a movie that can make every woman's heart melt because of its original concept and because the idea behind the movie that love conquers all is brilliantly illustrated. What could be more romantic than a guy willing to do whatever it takes to get a girl to fall in love with him even if he has to start all over again the next day? While this is a movie targeted to the female audience,guys love it too because it's sweet and funny without being corny.

The Devil Wears Prada(2006)

Every fashonista loves this movie. While working on the fashion industry might seem like a dream job, this movie shows the high demands a young college graduate has to face from her boss, a ruthless fashion goddess, played by Meryl Streep.

This movie is the perfect blend between humor and drama while also having an insightful story about how striving to get the perfect career can cause us to forget what are the most important things for us.


"Hitch" is a comedy that many are reluctant to call a chick flick because it doesn't have the usual perspective of a chick flick. This time we can see love from a guy's perspective and although he is a self-proclaimed love guru that seems to be able to help others find love,he fails when it comes to his own love life. The movie offers a realistic view of the dynamic of loves relationships with a series of unconventional twists along the way. Hitch is a movie that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and will inevitably put you in a good mood.

What are your favorite chick flicks?