The famous Twilight movie is going to be fallowed by its second part: New Moon. Directed by Chris Weitz and starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, the movie will be released in November 2009 with even more drama, more special effects for a maximum of mystery and romance.

Since the first trailer was released during the MTV Movie Awards 2009, each of us wonders how the story will go on. As the second part of the fantasy story, this time, there will be more action, more drama and more mystery. Even the characters will get new looks, since there’s a new director for this second part.

Robert Pattison, in the role of Edward, decides to leave Bella after almost getting her killed. When Edward decides they should end their relationship, Bella falls in depression and spends her time in the company of this new guy named Jacob Black, who she finds out is a werewolf.

Bella and Edward

So what’s it going to be? Is she going to stay with a werewolf? Is Edward going to charm her back? This part will be about the darker side of their relationship, about broken dreams and lost loves. Be prepared for more drama than ever. Edward will try to kill himself, Bella will have to save him, and we’ll have to see if the modern vampire love story will go on.

Will this magical love survive? Is Bella going to make the ultimate choice to give up her humanity and live as a vampire, or is she actually going to stay with a werewolf? There are so many questions, still waiting to be answered, but we’ll just need to wait until November.