The latest movie of the director Peter Jackson is an adaptation of a novel written by Alice Sebold. It is full of emotional and unique experiences that touches the viewers soul. “The Lovely Bones” is the story of a teenage girl who has been raped and murdered by her neighbor. The girl fallows the living ones, from her own heaven, and watch how the tragic events changed her family, friends and even her killer.

The plot of the movie contains the long and hard period till the murderer is being caught. Later on, George Harvey, the murderer, turns out he’s a serial killer, yet he goes unpunished. The family starts falling apart when her mother starts having an affair, her brother gives up his career and her sister Lindsey ends up by having a newborn baby.

Sussie Salmon from The Lovely Bones

The cast includes Rachel Weisz in the main role as Abigail Salmon, Mark Wahlberg as the girls father, Susan Sarandon as her grandmother Lynn and Stanley Tucci as her murderer George Harvey. Sussie, the murdered teenager will be played by the Irish actress Saoirse Ronan, who got famous for her role in the Atonement.

The entire story is presented from Sussie’s point of view, the 14 years old who waits revenge from her own paradise. The movie has already started some controversies, about the perception of the afterlife. But since the novel got an instant bestseller and got all the positive critics, the movie with its great cast should be just as good and touching as the original story.

The Lovely Bones Trailer