Twilight will soon release its second part, New Moon. Its characters are growing, developing their personalities to and showing some amazing stories for the spectators. Taylor Lautner is working out to get the best look and satisfy his fans. This time, we can get a close look on how he works on his body and watch him sweat. Men’s Health have interviewed him and not only got pictures of him in the gym, but got an entire discussion with the hot Twilight star.

Seems like everyone is getting prepare for the latest Twilight episode, and this time, Taylor will be all grown up. He worked hard on his body and done a lot of work to shape his body to his character. He even started loosing weight because working out so hard. So he had to do some changes in his regular workouts and try to put on a couple of pounds.

Taylor Lautner Shirtless

Jacob Black, the role of Taylor Lautner in the Twilight series, is going through some changes in this second episode, so that he can transform into a wolf. First, he had only a small role, but the editor liked him so much that Jacob got a larger role in the rest of the vampire story. Bella gets a crush on him and describes him as being “beautiful”. He is passionate, adventurous and features werewolf abilities.

The hottie will appear many times with his ruined clothes after transforming into a werewolf and back to human, so that spectators can enjoy his gorgeously developed body. Twilight stars are taking over the world of fans, each of them starting rumors and enjoying their fame. Read more about Taylor’s workouts and point of view in Men’s Health.