Finally, after months of anxiously waiting for a sneak-peek of the plot from the new Twilight Breaking Dawn saga, the promoters for the movie have released a full trailer. Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 1 reveals the vows and clips of the Twilight wedding of Bella and Edward, but things heat up quickly as things take an unexpected turn.

The dramatic two and a half minute trailer has been expected by Twilight fans for months now and with just a couple of months until the unveiling of the forth movie from the series, the trailer is making the wait even more difficult.

Breaking Dawn Wedding Bella as Bride Breaking Dawn Bella and Edward Kissing Breaking Dawn Kissing in Water Scene

If people could anticipate that Bella and Edward would eventually tie the knot, the pregnancy news came as a shocker. The full trailer reveals that the pregnancy is unexpected and that the baby is far too strong for Bella, endangering her life. A halfbreed is something new and no one knows what to expect, so the wolf pack decides to take matters into their own hands and kill Bella.

As the baby rapidly develops in Bella’s womb, she is seen growing weaker and weaker. Dr.Cullen informs her that her heart will give up before she can deliver her child to Edward’s despair, but she is determined to hold strong for as long as it’s needed for the baby to be born healthy.

With the wolf pack out to ‘slaughter’ her and her unborn baby, tension is building up and the trailer ends as Bella is seen collapsing while Edward rushes to her aid. ‘Forever is just the beginning’ is the title of the first Breaking Dawn part, so be prepared for a lot of action, intrigue and breathtaking scenes. How do you think the movie will end?

Breaking Dawn Bella Pregnant Breaking Dawn Bella Baby Bump