After all the troubles she met in her life, Lindsay Lohan is trying to recover her life, proving that she's still strong enough to do her job. To prove her accomplishments, she's starting a reality show about her trials, parties and getting back in business. We wonder how controversial the show will be and if the 23 year old actress can still catch our attention.

Lindsay Lohan is having the worst time of her life, trying to recover after all the troubles she's been through and start working again. It seem kind of unreal that she will be motivated enough to pick herself together, but that's a question to be answered soon.

Larry Rudolph, also manager of Britney Spears, is the one to film her comeback and ready to clean her image .Lindsay's life is already a paparazzi show, being photographed daily as the most popular gossip target in Hollywood. Mother Dina Lohan, also had a reality show, aired with a total number of nine episodes. This show was about the 14 years old Ali Lohan, the younger sister who tries to start her music career. Lindsay didn't participate at this show at all.

The troubled girl looks worse and worse in her pictures, mostly because of her drinking issues and 24/7 partying that are interrupted only by court dates. Looking like a train wreck, Lindsay always makes the greatest news each time she's in public. She entered the rehab three times, been arrested two times for driving under the influence of alcohol, and now works for free as an artistic advisor for Ungaro.

Recently, her probation sentence after her last arrest, was extended with one year. This reality might be her chance to show the world she can do it and get back to business. So let's keep our fingers crossed, and hope Lindsay will recover even if the show won't be a great success. Fans will surely support her leaving trouble paradise.

Photo Credit: Getty Images