The movie canvas as well as TV might serve as the ultimate means to draw some inspiration from and enrich our outfit repertoire. Though some might not have the courage to adopt all the looks seen on these shows it is still important to know where and what to look for. Designers are eager to collaborate for the production of a blockbuster as the various looks, clothes and accessories are also able to create the proper atmosphere and scene for a certain age or style movements. From the series we have the chance to watch on a daily basis to the movies that succeed in marking a decade or the entertainment industry all can be considered real work of arts also when it comes of fashion. Engaging into a tiny quest for the most inspiring clothes and looks can be done with the help of the latest movies and TV series for fashion inspiration presented below.

Gossip Girl

The ultimate guide for college as well as vintage fashion is the super-popular and beloved TV series ‘Gossip Girl’. The characters as well as their look echoes the golden fashion rules of the past decades and manages to strengthen the revival of the vintage-inspired accessories and clothing. The life of these rich and influential teens is interwoven with great scenes as well as intrigues and spectacular entrees and appearances. Blair Waldorf is the one who portray all that fashion really means, with her age- and event-appropriate attires.

As the daughter of a real fashion designer she proves her natural born style talent and sports some of the girlie skirts, dresses and sweaters as well as hair accessories and cute shoes that would offer an infinite source of inspiration for modern teens. Let yourself be mesmerized by the colorful cavalcade of apparels and the spotless combination of various looks. Take a glimpse at the other characters as well as all of them are real style icons in their uniqueness.

Sex and The City (Movie)

As the peak of the TV series’ popularity producers decided to crown the success with Sex and The City (Movie) the smashing blockbuster that portrays the life of the 4 style icons, Charlotte, Carrie, Samantha and Miranda in the quintessential fashion opera of the last decade. Indeed the cathartic experience is heightened by the endless shoe, dress and accessory designs that pop up in the various scenes, offering the public the chance to engrave in their style-consciousness the latest trends.

The tiny details as well as the overall outfits all are living proofs of the stylist guru, Patricia Field’s fashion fantasies. The wearable as well as the more extravagant looks will tackle the preferences of both those who are eager to sport classic attires as well as the ones who are keen to make a statement with their unique approach towards fashion. Include it into the fashion inspiration movie repertoire as a must see piece.

500 Days of Summer

No wonder Zooey Dechanel managed to enter the Hall of Fame of style icons still at a fragile age as she has the chance to illustrate her unique and trademark conception of style in the blockbuster and laureate Indie movie 500 Days of Summer. The movies released in 2009 managed to attract millions of fans both to the intriguing plot as well as the colorful and retro-inspired wardrobe of Summer portrayed by the young fashion muse.

Indeed her looks fly us back into the feminine and at the same time breezy looks, color palette as well as signature tailoring of the 40s and 50s. Those who claim themselves addicts of the fashion of the past golden years will find this movie one of the most inspiring creations and a real repertoire of worth-trying outfits.

Mad Men

Mad Men

The leading TV series just can’t deny their fondness for the style effects that would further contribute to the creation of the atmosphere of the various scenes. Mad Men besides being one of the most admired and sought-after TV series can be also included in the cinematographic creations with the most impressive outfits and clothing ideas. The life of the 60s as well as its trademark fashion tendencies all are illustrated on the canvas and presented by mesmerizing actresses and charming actors.

The curvy beauty ideal is best illustrated with the feminine and silhouette-conscious creations, tea dresses as well as evening gowns. Preppy is the buzzword when it comes as this series is one of the main source of inspiration for those who are eager to polish their fondness for Preppy clothes and accessories.

The Duchess

In order to complete the repertoire of movies for fashion inspirations it is also important to include The Duchess as one of the most prominent examples of 18th century architectural and aristocratic fashion. You’ll be able to detect the oh-so-popular ruffle and lace trends as well as the baroque details that all are characteristic for the presented century. Keira Knightley in the leading role strengthens the reputation and cult of the crinolines as well as corsets with her feminine and noble attitude. Those who are eager to master the fashion history class should definitely include The Duchess among some of the most important style lessons.