The famous crime series of CSI are going to host the two glamorous female celebrities, Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Minnillo. The forensic crime drama episode will be aired on 16th of December.

The episode of the famous crime series, CSI: NY, will host the two female celebrities Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Minnillo as guest stars. The glamorous women will play a pair of wise ladies on a murder. The role of the two brunettes, as criminal masterminds will surely hit the box offices.

The girls have already played together and this time are even more excited about their hot criminal roles. Kim and Vanessa played in the less successful “Disaster Movie” in 2008, but hopefully they will provide some extra viewers to the forensic show. This time, they will play along LaLa Vasquez, and the band Train.

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Gossips say that Kim needs to loose some weight for the movie, but she's still excited about her new job. The ladies are both very appealing, extra hot and popular. Kim has already played in the Kardashians reality show, has a modeling career, appeared as a guest star in different movies and well known for her sex tape scandal.

Vanessa Minnillo started as a Miss US Teen pageant, hosted a couple of TV shows, done advertising and finally made her debut in the movie “Fantastic Four: Rise of Silver Surfer”.

Seems like the two starlets are doing well on their own career, but can they do better than their earlier roles together? One thing is for sure: both look hot and probably make the crime scene the most intriguing place to be. The two brunettes will spice up the show and let's just hope even play their role as best as possible so that CSI can have it's extra viewers.

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