The soon to start production of the movie “The Tourist” has made the most intriguing cast of the cinema world: Angelina Jolie and Johnny Deep. After several changes of the cast list, Angelina Jolie got originally Charlize Theron’s role and it’s going to be directed by Alfonso Cuaron. Also, Johnny has got the role that was originally concerning Tom Cruise.

Photo credits: Getty Images

Johnny Depp plays an American tourist, while Jolie, as an Interpol undercover, tries to capture a global criminal. The thriller is a remake of the 2005 French thriller ‘Anthony Zimmer’ and hopefully won’t go through any other changes, since it’s been changing its director too.

The roles seem to be made for this absolute couple of actors and we will surely enjoy seeing them play together. The public loves both actors, so the movie will probably have sold-outs all over the world. Both Jolie and Deep have strong characters and charming looks to make the movie more than successful. The box offices will probably explode, but let’s just wait until the production starts, just to make sure there will be no more changes to be afraid of.