With all the preparation for Halloween it can be surprisingly easy to get caught up and forget the true purpose of the holiday.

If you feel that Halloween has lost part of its charm or that it is not as scary as it should be you can always take the matters in your own hands and make it better. Whether you cannot remember when was the last time you saw a decent movie or you are in the mood of seeing a few Halloween classics all over again you have plenty options you can turn to. Whether you are planning a fun movie night with your friends or you are simply looking for an enjoyable and potentially scary way to spend time by yourself some of these movies can be an excellent choice:

The Addams Family (1991)

If you are into classics, virtually nothing can get you in mood for the Halloween holiday better than this movie. At the very least you’ll get a few interesting outfits ideas you might not have thought of before since all the members of the are a wonderful inspiration for Halloween costumes. With a fairly interesting plot and a variety of strange characters, this movie is truly one that can be enjoyed at every age.

Even fashionistas who are not very interested in this movie gender might be impressed by the movie as they will have the chance to see the influential fashion icon Christina Ricci as a cute preteen girl demonstrating her born acting talent.

The Others (2001)

For those who are interested in seeing an intelligently built thriller that doesn’t have tacky gore scenes this movie might be an excellent alternative. With Nicole Kidman as a leading actress the movie presents an unusual story about a family that goes to a series of strange events that eventually creates the sensation that they are being hunted. However things are not exactly what they appear to be and the strange coincidences that take place throughout the entire duration of the movie keeps the viewer guessing and trying to uncover the source of these strange coincidences. While it might not be very scary, this movie will surely keep you on your toes.

Halloween (1978)

For those who are interested in a scary R-rated movie that will undoubtedly raise the adrenaline levels this horror movie can be a good match. The movie presents the story of a troubled man who is convicted for first degree murders as a child and brought to a mental institution where he spends approximately 15 years. However the treatments he undergoes during this time will turn out to be utterly ineffective and his release will definitely change the meaning of the Halloween holiday for many people..

The Blaire Witch Project (1999)

This low budget movie surely stirred up a lot of controversy when it first appeared as it was believed to be a true story about 3 students who decided to make a documentary about a local legend, Blaire Witch who supposedly has disappeared. It seems that their search eventually proves to be a dangerous one as they get lost and are never found.

The only thing that remains is a footage that they made. With a fairly unconventional approach the movie surely manages to stimulate the viewer’s curiosity as well as to send a few shivers down the spine along the way.