Based on a true story, “The Danish Girl”, will start it’s production soon, directed by Tomas Alfredson. The already famous story, will have Gwyneth as wife of Nicole Kidman. It will be another huge pair on the screen that will probably remain in the history of cinema as the true story did in the history of bisexuals.

The drama presents the story of a portrait painter, Greta, who asked her husband to dress in as a female to finish one of her portraits in the absence of the real model. They started a never ending game that opened up the husband’s, Elinar’s wilder side. Once Elinar became the first transsexual, their marriage started to crumble and finished when Elinar made the first sex change operation in history. It is the true story of two artists Greta and husband Elinar, who adopted the name Lili after the surgery, in 1930.

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The cast includes Gwyneth as Greta and Kidman as the transsexual artist, Einar Wegener. Nicole Kidman already won an Oscar for a lesbian role in the “Hours”, in 2002, so this time she should do the play quite easily. The unusual story of the most passionate love of the twentieth century is going to make a controversial drama that pairs two female actresses that will surely leave the world stunned.

The premiere date is unknown for now, but it’s being predicted for 2011. The Oscar winning celebrities are both facing challenges, just as the movie that will be the first time a female star has played a transsexual. It won’t be a typical movie, but a unique drama based on a true story.